On March 20, 1968, four Months before the formation of Calicut University, Employees of the Kerala University Centres held a meeting at Malabar Christian College and formed the 'Calicut University Centre of non-teaching Staff Union'. Later, on 10th February, 1970, this organization evolved in to Calicut University Employees Union. Putting an end to the lethargy at the organizational level, the Union armed itself as the fighting force of Calicut University Employees in their various struggles for rights and demands.The offices of the Calicut University which were functioning in a few rooms at the Govt. Polytechnic building at West Hill were shifted to the new campus at Thenhipalam in October, 1969. It was the beginning of its saga towards growth, glory and achievements.

The prominent role played by the Union in addressing the manifold problems faced by the employees in their service and living conditions and infusing in them a sense of togetherness is also in history in its own terms. While it fought for the rights of the University employees, the union meticulously upheld the lofty principles of social responsibility and unity of the working class. It has a pivotal role in the formation of Confederation of University Employees Organizations (CUEO) and All India University Employees Confederation (AIUEC). It also plays a major role in the activities of Federation of State Employees and Teachers Organization (FSETO). Behind every achievements and benefits presently enjoyed by the employees of Calicut University, there lies the long history of selfless struggles and agitations led by the Employees Union.